"I think true beauty is everywhere. Be it. See it. Notice it. Love it. Be grateful for it. Marvel at it. It's everywhere. It's all around us all the time." - Bellamy Young
Both. I Like Both.
My name is Anna and I love and admire Bellamy Young. I also love Scandal, other various shows, french fries and warm hugs.

Scandal Season Four Countdown

Fifty-Six Days until Scandal Returns

  • Featuring: Andrew: ’I let it go.’

"I had my chance, okay? I had my chance and I lost it. I let it go. So I moved on, I married my job instead, and I take great pride in what I’ve done for the millions of Californians who put their trust in me. And hey, down the line, maybe I’ll get another shot at marriage, who knows. But what I do know, is that I am not marrying someone I don’t love. And if that makes me unsuitable for the Vice Presidency, so be it."

Photo: BCBG Resort 15 Show

New photo of gorgeous Bellamy at the BCBG Resort 15 Show! Gallery Link: HOME > RANDOM > 2014 > NON-RED CARPET EVENTS > BCBGMAXAZRIA

Scandal’s Bellamy Young proud to be part of the show

Scandal, Sky Living’s latest US import, returns for its third season. Previously a More4 series, Sky has - thankfully - now acquired the drama and will kick off the third season from Thursday 31 July.

Scandal’s Bellamy Young on President Mellie, Mom Mellie & Drunk Mellie

Scandal’s Bellamy Young on President Mellie, Mom Mellie & Drunk Mellie

We love Scandal, so we’re thrilled that the third season is about to kick off on Sky Living! And since one of our favorite characters is First Lady Mellie, we couldn’t wait to speak to the actress behind her, Bellamy Young.

And she didn’t disappoint, either: watch our video to find out why she thinks Mellie would be a great president, what drunk Mellie is like and why we might be surprised by…

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Scandal Season Four Countdown

Fifty-Seven Days until Scandal Returns

  • Featuring: Huck

Perfect human is perfect

Scandal Season Four Countdown

Fifty-Eight Days until Scandal Returns

  • Featuring: The Ladies of Scandal


Kerry: I don’t weigh myself because there’s never a good answer on the scale. For me reading comments is the same way. It’s brain clutter. But it is hard, in social media you feel like you’re a community. People in social media can be very mean. Some of our cast members have…

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#PeepingTom pics for episode 4x01!

Do you like mellivia scenes?

I do! I don’t “ship” them like others but I love watching their scenes together. Kerry and Bells are fantastic.

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