"I think true beauty is everywhere. Be it. See it. Notice it. Love it. Be grateful for it. Marvel at it. It's everywhere. It's all around us all the time." - Bellamy Young
Both. I Like Both.
My name is Anna and I love and admire Bellamy Young. I also love Scandal, other various shows, french fries and warm hugs.

Beautiful Bells…love her so!

Scandal – Cyrus & Mellie talk Season 3






Someone had brought up a good point: without Fitz, Mellie wouldn’t be there. At least not the Mellie we know now. Just think of how different her story would be, or how differently some would view her situation?

If they were to kill him off now, what would happen to her character, go the way of Jackie O.? I guess they could start her political career…assuming that she’s still connected to Olivia.

that’s a good point. no fitz, no mellie….and remember, shonda almost wrote the president as olivia’s dad…

If Fitz were to die, Mellie would publicly grieve and then run for Congress, employing Olivia to get her there. Without Fitz, Mellie still has a story, if not a better one.

And then congratulations because there would be no show.  A small minority of viewers tune in to see Mellie and the only reason that they have a problem with Fitz is because he always chooses Liv.  You can come up with some ridiculous notion that Mellie is a powerhouse when every ounce of power is derived from her association with Fitz.  She is a shrill hag who does nothing but bare her teeth and threaten (when she’s not on her knees).  I hope Shonda gives the Mellie character a spin off …but that’s not going to happen because she’s only compelling because of her connection to Olitz.

Actually, interestingly enough a majority of the “fandom” is on Facebook, since that’s kind of their core, and most of them don’t necessarily like Fitz. A lot of them support Mellie, Olivia and Jake. They also love Cyrus and Papa Pope. It’s a really interesting perspective because they aren’t clouded by the craziness of the twitter or the tumblr fandom, and they just watch the show. Turns out, most of them aren’t fans of Fitz. But your opinion is your opinion!

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Letting everyone know that I’ve changed the URL to my Queen Bells fansite. It’s now www.bellamyyoung-web.com and the gallery is www.bellamyyoung-web.com/gallery

The only section being worked on is her interviews. And I’ll be uploading older photos throughout the week. But all the most recent ones are uploaded.

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Julianna Margulies - Ten Nominations for Emmy Awards

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Bellamy Young in Manhattan May 1, 2014

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Viola Davis at the TCA’s ABC Press Tour (2014) for How To Get Away With Murder

Favorite Celebrity Meme: (2/4) Photoshoots

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